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Evil Otis Bimbo Transformation

Published on May 6, 2012 by

Prom Night Bimbo Transformation

Some lucky guy gets his wishes fulfilled when his prom date gets transformed from a cute but slender girl with good morals into a big-breasted, curvy bimbo who probably won’t hesitate to make sure he enjoys the prom after-party. It’s always a pleasure to see a girl with nothing on top wind up with breasts so large she can’t even stand up straight.

Evil Otis often depicts transformations of this variety but I think his line work is getting a lot cleaner. He has this one available as a print, if you’re so inclined. I’m sure he’d appreciate the pocket money.

[Prom Night Bimboization – deviantART]

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The Freshman Fifteen

Published on March 25, 2012 by
Two college girls examine a vitamin bottle

That's funny, I was barely a B-cup this morning. I wonder if these pills have something to do with my boobs growing?

The Freshman Fifteen is a new story at the BE Story Club by Kris P. Kreme. It’s well-written and the breast growth descriptions are very good. Here’s an excerpt:

That was when it suddenly occurred to Melinda. Her chest had felt tight. And it wasn’t just anxiety from her dreams. It was a real feeling of tightness. She looked down, noticing how the normally slightly loose shirt she was wearing looked form fitted, her bulging young breasts pressing out.

“Um… well yeah, I guess my tops have been a bit tighter.”

Holly laughed. “Well there you go, no wonder I hadn’t noticed. It certainly isn’t the most unsightly place to gain a few pounds.”

The blonde walked off, going back to her studying as Melinda simply focused on the word she had used. Unsightly, she thought. That had been the word in the ad. Prevent unsightly weight gain. It made sense in a twisted sort of way. The Body Assist Nutrients were distributing the weight gain to less unsightly places.

But seriously she thought, that was two and a half pounds of boob each. She couldn’t keep gaining that much or else by the time she went home for the holidays she would look like some cartoon porn slut.

Melinda spent the day weighing her options, quite literally. She could stop the vitamins, gain weight more normally and prove her brother right, or she could keep going and simply hope it was a fluke, that nothing like what had already happened would continue.

By the next day when she was eating lunch, Melinda had decided to stick with the vitamins. They may be a bit misrepresented but they were keeping her in as good if not better shape than before she ever got them.

Over the following weeks, Melinda noticed her breasts continuing to grow. It was more pronounced over time as she eventually was embarrassed by how much space there was bowing outward between her buttons. She even resorted to borrowing tops from Holly.

I don’t particularly care for the illustrations in The Freshman Fifteen. They’re OK, but the work seems a little hurried – the same artist has done better work before. I’m also a little put off by the more graphic adult content that’s been showing up lately in some of the BE Story Club publications. Maybe it’s just me, but the essence of the stories in the past was just the breast expansion, and now it often seems about the sex, or mind-control or dream sex fantasies. The stories are still good, but are slipping slightly from what I think of when I think about breast expansion.

But if you like graphic sexual stories, then this is a win for you.

[BE Story Club]

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Breast Size Transfer

Published on March 25, 2012 by

Once of my favorite kinds of breast expansion scenario is the breast size transfer. There’s just something delightful about the proud, sexy, big breasted girl finding herself slipping down the status ladder as her breasts shrink, only to find herself replaced by a formerly small-breasted girl who’s gained all that she’s lost. I especially like it when the formerly-small girl winds up with somewhat larger breasts than her benefactor had, because she took it all and added it to her own base.

To that point, TG and transfer fetish author Morpheus has a new story out called “Balancing Debts”. You probably won’t like the way it ends (amazon, muscle transfer), but the early part of the story is pretty awesome:

Just then, Heidi felt the same strange shift that she’d felt with Emily and then a moment later she noticed the front of Nicole’s shirt starting to deflate. Heidi felt a dark glee at the sight, especially as she felt a warm tingling in her own breasts.

“Yes,” Heidi whispered as she felt her breasts starting to grow.

After several seconds, Heidi’s bra began to pinch painfully and then it suddenly snapped and broke. Her breasts continued to grow, pushing out the front of her shirt in a way that she’d only dreamed of before.

Nicole finally noticed what was happening to her and grabbed her own shrinking breasts in horror, exclaiming, “What’s happening to me?” She sounded like she was on the verge of panicking which only made Heidi laugh. Then for the first time, she seemed to really notice Heidi standing there a short distance away.

“You look like you’ve lost something,” Heidi teased her, grabbing her own growing breasts and smirking.

The growth stopped with Heidi’s shirt being stretched to the point where it was about to just burst open. She stared down at fantastic breasts in delight and then noticed that it wasn’t just her breast that had changed. Her whole body had grown new curves and she now possessed an unbelievable figure with a slender waist that went well with her killer breasts and ass.

“What’s happening to me?” Nicole cried out in horror, drawing Heidi’s attention back to her.

Nicole had lost all of her once impressive curves and was now built like a twelve year old boy. She was now even more flat-chested than Heidi had been a short time ago. All of her clothes hung off her in a way that really pointed out how much of her figure she’d lost.

[Balancing Debts –]

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Sponson Panels

Published on March 10, 2012 by

I miss Sponson. Ever since he left deviantART the place has been poorer, at least as far as breast expansion content is concerned. This is one of his.

In the image above – a three panel comic strip – an attractive but small breasted woman accidentally spills some compound on her shirt. Shortly thereafter, her breasts begin to expand and in the final panel they have grown to enormous proportions. As if that wasn’t enough, her sex drive also kicks into high gear and we can assume that’s gone from a modest young woman into a totally horny, big-breasted nympho.

It’s amazing what kind happen when someone spills an experimental formula on herself. I’d probably get leukemia, but she got a huge set of tits.

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