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Booby Battle

Published on December 23, 2012 by in Comics

breast expansion comic panel

DreamTales Comics has really outdone itself with its latest release, Booby Battle. Here’s the blurb from the site:

A fun Breast Enlargement, Giantess and Shrinking Women comic by Cluedog! This comic features 82 pages of non-stop transformation sequences, from gigantic to teeny-tiny, flat to stacked and lots more.

Story Summary: A cute but flat-chested scientist becomes jealous of 50-story tall Humonga’s giant rack. But even after a few experiments give her what she wants, Humonga is still teasing her. Our plucky heroine uses a shrink ray and some special transformation formulas to teach the colossal chick a big lesson.

“Booby Battle” has 82 black and white pages, including 28 multi-panel pages and 54 single-panel pages. No dialogue, the great art speaks for itself.

As the description suggests, it has all kinds of transformations in it, including:

  • realistic breast expansion
  • ass expansion
  • general female growth
  • shrinking giantesses
  • shrinking women
  • breast shrinkage
  • huge breast expansion

The art is really nice – black and white pencil drawing – and it’s very expressive. Cluedog has done a great job with some humorous transformation scenes where the nerdy scientist experiences a series of failed experiments that accomplish just about every imaginable transformation except make her breasts grow. (There’s even a free PDF of an age-regression sequence that wasn’t included in the main comic, available here.)

Booby Battle is priced at $9.99 at DreamTales Comics and I consider it well worth the price. It’s funny, it’s beautifully drawn and if you’re into any of the transformation tropes it’s sexy as hell.

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The Pumpkin Fairy Says…

Published on December 12, 2012 by in Comics, Featured

Pumpkin fairy makes girls breasts as big as pumpkins

Biggals at deviantART has posted a bunch of “Pumpkin Fairy” vignettes involving a tiny little Tinkerbell with giant boobs who bestows enormous breasts on girls as she utters an appropriate rhyme.

The rhymes are as sweet as the art. They all begin with “The Pumpkin Fairy says…”, followed by very sexy illustrations with rhymes below, including:

His gallery’s really amazing. Check out the whole thing for lots of breast expansion and female growth illustrations featuring gigantic women who have grown even more gigantic breasts.

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Blouse Doesn’t Fit!

Published on November 17, 2012 by in Comics

Bacchanalia Corp uploaded this sweet breast expansion vignette. It shows a woman trying to fit into her blouse even though her breasts have grown quite large and appear to be expanding still!

Click the image to see the full version. It’s pretty hot!

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Mary Marvel magic breasts

Published on November 11, 2012 by in Comics

There’s a fairly long tradition of showing Mary Marvel’s breasts as bigger than Mary Batson. In the early days of the comic both were shown as children and so that wasn’t done, but as time went on Mary Batson was often shown as a young woman and since Billy transformed into a muscular hunk when he said his magic word, Mary Marvel was likewise shown a bit on the overdeveloped side.

The image above is by Shade, and shows Mary Marvel with huge breasts and getting a cleavage-porthole like Power Girl, thanks to the the magic lightning.

Adam Hughes has parodied this on several occasions – here’s one.

Alex Miranda has produced a number of cheesecake images featuring the character as incredibly busty – there are a bunch here.

Anyway, I don’t think Mary Marvel exists in the current DC Comics continuity, but hopefully she’ll back. And hopefully the Mary Batson character will be a beanpole who grows into a big-breasted Mary Marvel whenever she says the magic word!

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