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Unstable Assets 8

Published on November 20, 2011 by in Comics

A woman's breasts grow right out of the comic panel
Two women experience extraordinary breast growth in the eighth issue of Unstable Assets at the BE Story Club. Here’s the synopsis:

The completion of the “Unstable Assets” comic. Having found Suki, Lady Illeyah is enraptured by her. Suki realizes that she can use Lady Illeyah to get what she wants: wealth and power. Plotting with Lady Illeyah, the two women return to Lord Cuthbert’s castle to get what they desire. However, Suki has plans of her own. Who will ultimately get what they truly desire?

That’s the actual plot, but in term of breast expansion fan service it’s about two women having sex as their breasts progressive grow to larger and larger sizes. Soon they both have gigantic tits.

I’ve never really gotten into the storyline of this comic, but the growth and transformation sequences have always been top-notch. It’s pretty hot.

[BE Story Club]

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  1. Bob

    Lookin’ Good! Very nice! Hope you have a Very Merry Christmas!

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