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Big Breasted Cheerleaders

Published on November 15, 2008 by in Comics

Big breasted Nicole finds her popularity eclipsed by the truly enormous breasts of the “new girl” – raven-haired, ultra-busty Laurie – and there’s nothing she won’t do to get back on top. However, when Laurie becomes aware of Nicole’s quest to outgrow her, she sets a booby trap (so to speak)! While Nicole soon regains her position as the biggest breasted cheerleader, she quickly realizes that her awesome new mega-tits are still growing and she doesn’t know how to make them stop! How big will she get?

And needless to say, with all these giant boobs flopping around, the cheerleading squad may never be the same! Check out the free sample!

(Any bets on how long ’til flat-chested Stefani outgrows them both? I can’t wait to see the cute little pixie sporting a huge rack!)

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