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Becca Stein has Huge Boobs

It looks like her huge boobs are gonna burst right out of that tank top
If you’ve seen Larry Crowne, you might have noticed that one of the extremely large-breasted models shown in a brief clip looked a bit familiar. In the movie, the husband of Julia Roberts’ character (played by Bryan Cranston) spends all his free time looking at porn of models with huge tits. (The nerve!) Julia Roberts’ character, as you’ve likely surmised, is small-breasted and thus there is tension.

Becca Stein was a mainstay on Sports By Brooks a few years back, as “Jenna”, when the site frequently posted photos of unbelievably big-breasted, gorgeous women such as Becca, Denise Milani and others. Recently I saw her in Larry Crowne and wondered where she’d gone and if there were better photosets of her available elsewhere.

Well, bingo! Cosmid has several photosets of Becca Stein in her big-breasted, top-stretching glory. In the set associated with the photo above, she’s wearing tight jeans and a tight top and it looks as if her breasts and ass might just expand right out of them. That doesn’t actually happen, unfortunately, but she’s still pretty easy on the eyes.

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  1. Love the photo- Becca has purffect girls- not too huge and not too small–
    Kisses xoxo
    your seattle shemale admirer– kisses xoxo

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