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Boobs Big Enough to Use as a Bed

Abstract22, an artist of whom I previously lacked awareness, posts manipulated photos of women with truly enormous breasts to deviantART, with breast expansion backstories explaining how they got that way. His work is comfortably realistic, given its unrealism. [Everybody needs a bosom for a pillow – deviantART]

Power Girl gets Bigger Breasts

Sabrina Pandora commissioned a delightful mini-comic that features Power Girl getting her breasts expanded to ridiculous proportions by Mr. Mxyzptlk. Evidently she was annoyed by a prior incident wherein Mxyzptlk gave Cir-El, a Supergirl from the future, larger breasts than her. Naturally, the imp seeks to set things right by causing Power Girl’s massive rack to become even more grandiosely massive. Click the image to see both pages of the comic.

Women Pick Bigger Breast Implants With Experience

Dr. Mark Henley, who specializes in breast augmentation, has come up with a technique where women “try out” bigger boobs than they initially requested, with the result being that most of them wind up increasing the size they’re to receive in their augmentation surgery. Patients contemplating surgery are given a large bra and ten gel-filled pads for each side. They are told to begin with as many fillers inserted as possible and gradually reduce them until they are happy. Mother-of-two Sarah Glanville ended up choosing DD implants rather than the C-cup she had originally imagined. I love Dr. Mark Henley. [Women pick even bigger boob jobs if they can ‘try

Jana Defi Grows Bigger

Cramonty has posted a really nice animation showing gorgeous European big-bust star Jana Defi growing even larger. The premise is that she’s been hypnotized and it’s causing breast expansion. There’s something a little surreal about the animation – a little bit Alfred-Hitchcock-meets-Philip-Glass, if you know what I mean. I like it. Check out BE hypo animation on deviantART.

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