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Agnes Bruckner as Anna Nicole Smith

Published on June 29, 2013 by

Agnes Brucker breast prosthetics

In a delightful article, replete with photos, the UK Daily Mail headline reads “Agnes Bruckner goes from B-cup to DD to play Anna Nicole Smith…without undergoing breast surgery”.

For Bruckner, wearing the prosthetic breasts was a surreal experience.

‘They couldn’t have been any more real looking,’ she said. ‘It was so strange, wearing them for the first time. I was standing there “topless”, but it was really like I had a shirt on because there was nothing exposed of my own.’

‘I’d look at myself, and I kept thinking, “Oh, my God, could you imagine if they really were that big?”‘, added the actress, best known for her recurring roles on television series like 24 and Private Practice, and films like Murder by Numbers.

Why, yes, I can imagine if they were really that big. Even bigger, actually.

The article raises a few issues:

  • Does the prosthesis look as realistic as implants would? From the photos I’d say it’s pretty convincing at first glance, but defects become obvious when you examine it. (Not that I stared.)
  • I don’t know whether Bruckner considered having breast augmentation surgery rather than use a prosthetic to accurately represent Anna Nicole Smith’s ample bust. How much less costly would it have been for production had she simply gotten a high-end boob job instead of spending hours per day having a custom prosthesis attached and removed? Aren’t there variable implants that would have permitted Bruckner to go “the full Anna” for production but then had a little air let out of the tires after?
  • Even with the prosthesis, is Brucker as chesty as Smith? I don’t think she is. [Example.]

Brucker has posted a bunch of photos of herself as Smith on her Facebook wall.

Anna Nicole premieres tonight on Lifetime TV, at 8/7c.

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Huge Breasted Hooters Girl

Published on May 26, 2013 by
We need to bottle it.

We need to bottle it.

So there’s a pretty Hooters waitress in Wisconsin named Danielle Houghton who has really big boobs. And when I say really big boobs, you know I mean really big boobs. But here’s the rub: they didn’t use to be big at all. In the earlier Hooters profile pics her breasts look pretty big, double-Ds maybe, but she doesn’t appear to have the mind blowing mega-bosom she’s got in the later pics. For work related purposes I was checking out some of her photos when I stumbled on an interesting factoid:

Her breasts are still growing. One account on Regretful Morning from about 18 months ago is that she has a medical condition that will cause her breasts to continue growing for her entire life, and that she’ll need to have periodic reduction surgery to bring them back into normal human scale. If that’s true, this is the greatest case of Cursed With Awesome I’ve ever heard of.

There’s also another, different story:

“The wrong kind of birth control” made her breasts gigantic. The claim is that she was on “the pill” for a year and her breasts just kept growing bigger and bigger and bigger. If that’s the actual cause I (and millions of American women) want to know all about whatever prescription she was taking.

I doubt the pill story, though. In my younger years I dated a petite girl who ballooned from a C-cup to a DD-cup in the space of a few months (before I was with her, damnit all to hell) because of a birth control prescription change. However, it did not cause ongoing growth for years and the effects, while abundant and pleasing, it was not remotely in the same class as what happened to Danielle Houghton, who expanded from something like a B-cup to “standard brassiere fitting metrics no longer apply.” Also, you’ve got to think at some point she’d say, “It’s been three months since I could buy off-the-rack bras, clothing, see any part of my body below my diaphragm or stand up straight. Maybe I should just ask my boyfriend to wear a condom.”

There’s a ton of photos of Danielle out there. I was not able to find any obviously recent ones but one can remain hopeful that she’s bigger than ever and still making the Janesville, Wisconsin Hooters a popular destination throughout the Upper Midwest.

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Bubblicious Breast Expansion

Published on May 22, 2013 by


Bubblicious has posted an animation featuring a small breasted girl growing a truly enormous set of breasts. It’s all worked via photomanipulation, too, so when this girl with her arched back swells to titanic proportions, it’s just the miracle of photoshop rather than 3D modeling or anything like that. Click the link to see the animation. It’s pretty hot.

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Boobs Big Enough to Use as a Bed

Published on March 15, 2013 by


Abstract22, an artist of whom I previously lacked awareness, posts manipulated photos of women with truly enormous breasts to deviantART, with breast expansion backstories explaining how they got that way. His work is comfortably realistic, given its unrealism.

[Everybody needs a bosom for a pillow – deviantART]

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